February 22, 2014

SHAKTI selected as Dist. Facilitating NGO of GSS

Shakti Organisation is being selected as District Facilitating Agency of Gaon Swastya Samikhya (GSS)-[Community Monitoring programme] of NRHM in Rayagada Dist. This initiative provides the scope and creates opportunities for the community to discuss the birth and death in the village and the related health issues that affect their lives. It also gives the opportunity to the society to address issues that affect their health and wellbeing. The followings are the objectives of the Programme,

a. Strengthen the Capacity of Gaon Kalyan Samitis to promote community participation and ownership in addressing issues related to health and other social determinants of health.

b. Promote community level dialogue on health related issues with the focus on maternal and child health.

c. Strengthen Inter-sectoral coordination and convergence at various levels for the effective and efficient delivery of services and maximize service utilization.

d. Enhance the responsiveness and accountability of the health system to meet the demand and supply of health service delivery.

e. Bring together the efforts of community and service delivery system to promote good health.

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