February 22, 2014

SHAKTI selected as Dist. Facilitating NGO of GSS

Shakti Organisation is being selected as District Facilitating Agency of Gaon Swastya Samikhya (GSS)-[Community Monitoring programme] of NRHM in Rayagada Dist. This initiative provides the scope and creates opportunities for the community to discuss the birth and death in the village and the related health issues that affect their lives. It also gives the opportunity to the society to address issues that affect their health and wellbeing. The followings are the objectives of the Programme,

a. Strengthen the Capacity of Gaon Kalyan Samitis to promote community participation and ownership in addressing issues related to health and other social determinants of health.

b. Promote community level dialogue on health related issues with the focus on maternal and child health.

c. Strengthen Inter-sectoral coordination and convergence at various levels for the effective and efficient delivery of services and maximize service utilization.

d. Enhance the responsiveness and accountability of the health system to meet the demand and supply of health service delivery.

e. Bring together the efforts of community and service delivery system to promote good health.

February 13, 2014

SHAKTI facilitated distribution of Land to Landless

Shakti Oragnisation has facilitated distribution of land to 44 land less Household of six villages of Kasipur Block. 17 Homestead less household got homestead land of 1.07 acres and 27 landless households got 7.47 acres of agriculture land. Tahasildar,Kasipur Mr. Dharanidhar Behera distributed the Land right Patta and Adatakiri Revenue Inspector was present in the distribution ceremony. SHAKTI’s Field Associate Mr. Debendra Gouda and Mr. Kabiraj Pradhan and Community Resource Persons facilitated the Survey and identification process.

Sl no

Name of village

Homestead Patta

No of HH

Agriculture Land patta

No of HH



0.02 Acre


3.85 Acre




0.16 Acre


1.18 acre




0.09 Acre


0.8 Acre





0.64 Acre





1 Acre




0.8 Acre




1.07 Acre


7.47 Acres


image image

February 5, 2014

Drinking Water Supply at the Doorstep

Drinking water supply at the door step was a dream for the people of Musatakiri Village of Kasipur Block. The village is surrounded by the dense forest. NTFP collection is the main occupation of the villagers. Drinking water was the main problem of the village. One dug well in the village was not able to meet the requirement of people as a result they depend on streams. The dependency on this water sources causes diarrhea and water related diseases. Digging well is also not possible due to hilly area. The villagers identified a perennial stream and Shakti Organisation made technical feasibility study. Then Shakti Organisation facilitated villagers to bring the water from source through gravity flow technique and supplied water by constructing household level stand posts in all 30 households. The Villagers contributed in terms of local materials and labour and made it success full. Shakti Organisation mobilized fund from OTELP to take up this project. The water supply through individual stand post was completed within six months and people received clean tap water at the door step 24 hours in a day. This project not only helped the villagers to save their time in fetching water but enabled the women to start some extra income generating activities utilizing their surplus time which was otherwise lost while carrying the water from distance sources.