December 19, 2016

Self-defense!! Karate for girls ….

In our society where we live, women usually referred as the weaker sex and are considered easier targets. The women and young girls are vulnerable to attack, molestation, rape, murder, etc. Normally the mindset of all is to ignore and just let it go. But we felt to realise that these instances can flare into other bigger heinous crimes. So, it is felt that the young girls should feel the importance of self-defense techniques and Karate is one of the self-defense techniques.
Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counter attacking body movements. Karate is a perfect way for children to gain self-confidence. Our Shakti organisation has organised training programme for 50 girls of JayKay Pur and Bhakurguda of Rayagada district. It was a 3 months long duration course where the girls were trained by a trained karate teacher. Out of 50 participants, dress materials were also given to 20 best performers. After completing the course even they have made stage performance in some occasions.
Now, the girls feel themselves very much self-defensive as they have the knowledge of Karate.