October 8, 2012



The International Elders Day was observed with joy and gaiety on 01.10.12  in the premises of Shakti Old Age Home, Rayagada.

The Block Development Officer of Rayagada ,Mr. Purna chandra Dash was attended as Chief Guest. ,Chairman of Block Wana Himirika attended as Guest of Honour and Dr. Dukhishyam Dash ,President of LIONS Club and Chairman of CWC Mr. Hrudananda Panda were attended as speaker. Mr. Akhil Ranjan Panda, the General Secretary of Shakti Organisation presided over the meeting. Women Members of Tumbiguda SHGs, Members of Shirdi sai samiti,Om Shanti ,LIONESS Club,Senior Citizens, inmates of Shakti Old Age Home and many dignitaries of Rayagada participated in the function.

The Chief Guest, in his speech said that Senior citizens of the modern world are baffled by the fast changes and the challenges that result in the most advanced technological world. World is changing more consumerist and commercial. Everyone is more worried about the self income. As long as the seniors are productive, they are accepted by their people. But when they turn unproductive or expensive, they are considered as a burden and in most cases are turned out. They are neglected and have to spend their last days in suffering and mourning.

He also spoke the importance of observation of elderly day, different Govt. Schemes and facilities available for the elderly people.

During his speech, Dr Dukhishyam Dash stressed the need to show compassion and care for the elders without any precondition. Doctor Dash further pointed out the need for elders to stay healthy physically and mentally by getting involved with one another socially and avoid being left alone and drown oneself in self isolation.

Mr .Hrudananda Panda also spoke on this occasion that in most of the developing and underdeveloped countries the condition of the elders is very precarious and disheartening. Most of them are thrown out in streets, uncared and unrecognized even by well-to-do children. Many of them take refuge in old age homes. It is a consoling fact that many countries utilize them for volunteer works and for sharing their experience in community development. A regular physical exercise will help the elders stay emotionally happy and physically fit.

Mr. Akhil Ranjan Panda, The General Secretary, Shakti Organisation explained the causes and basic rights of elders in our society. Elderly people are a forgotten lot. We wanted to add some happiness to their live.

Among others, the members of different organization also spoke and shared their experiences with the elderly and prayed for the long life of the inmates on the occasion. All participants have promised to give respect, love, affection and care of the elders in their family and society.

At last our residents cut the 2012 celebration cake and one of our residents above the age of 95 was felicitated with shawls and walking sticks as a mark of respect to them.

The members of LIONESS Club distributed bed lelins and fruits to our residents . At the end Sanghamitra Mohapatra co-orinator of shakti old home gave Vote of Thanks.