December 5, 2012

SHAKTI facilitated improved agriculture practice in 1937.5 Acres of Land…



With the support of ATMA, Rayagada, Shakti Organisation has facilitated improved agricultural practice in 1937.5 Acres of land in Ramanguda and Kasipur Block in Kharif 2012.

Agricultural intervention

Land in Acres

No of farmers

Schematic support


Hybrid Paddy





SRI Paddy



State Plan


Line Transplanting of Paddy



State Plan


Line Sowing of Pulses



State Plan


Line sowing of Minor Millet









December 3, 2012

MSW students undergone field placement…

DSC00744  DSC00769

Four MSW students of premier Social science Institute VISWASS, Bhubaneswar undergone field placement in Shakti organisation, Rayagada from 07-11-2012 to 30-11-2012.

During their stay in Shakti Organisation, they have been exposed to different development activities taken up by the Organisation in different locations of the district.

All have got conceptual clarity on Project formulation, implementation and monitoring with a special thrust on Child Protection, Tribal empowerment & livelihood support, Old Age Care.  1. Ms. Manasmita Swain, 2. Ms. Nirlipta Mohapatra, 3. Mr. Jogendra Naik and 4. Mr. Bhruga Digal were the four interns of VISWASS.

December 1, 2012

Chatishgarh SHG Women visited SHAKTI’s field….




22 women SHG functionaries along with the facilitating NGO visited SHAKTI’s Livelihood interventions in Ramanguda Block of Rayagada Dist.

Women SHG leaders from Kanker and Dhamtari Dist. of Chatishgarh promoted by Naba Chetana Seva Mandal NGO with support from Rashtriya Gramin Vikash Nidhi (RGVN) JRD Tata Trust Livelihood Programme got exposed on NTFP value addition activities carried by SHGs facilitated by SHAKTI.

They visited the Siali Leaf Plate sewing, Tamarind Cake Making, Grain Bank, Family Nutritional Farm, SRI Paddy and line sowing of Sunflower. They interacted with the SHG members involved with the NTFP processing activities. Class room training was provided them by Mr. Akhil Ranjan Panda of SHAKTI on Tamarind cake making trade, Leaf Plate making Trade and the marketing strategy.

Mr.Asif Bin Qutub, Programme Director, RGVN-JRDTT Livelihood Programme, Mrs. Dharitri Dwivedy, Assistant Director, RGVN, Bhubaneswar and Mr. Subhransu Mohanty , Programme Executive, RGVN, Bhubaneswar also accompanied the SHG team of Chatishgarh in the field. Mr. Manoj Kumar Sadangi the Cluster Co-ordinator of SHAKTI co-ordinated the exposure visit programmes.

November 30, 2012

SHAKTI selected to conduct ASHA 6th & 7th Module Training…


Shakti Organisation has been selected as the District Training Site to conduct the ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) 6th & 7th module training.

SHAKTI’s training center, Ramanaguda has designated as training site.  ASHAs will be trained on module 6 & 7 on Home based New born Care (HNBC) at the community level.  Management of breast feeding problems, Child health, Infant and young child feeding, Assessing the mal-nutrition, immunization, Assessing and classifying diarrhea, Fever and ARI and new born care are the major focus area of the training.

It is expected that 200 ASHA will be trained by end March-2013. Each batch of training consists of minimum 30 participants and the training is residential in nature and for five days.

October 8, 2012



The International Elders Day was observed with joy and gaiety on 01.10.12  in the premises of Shakti Old Age Home, Rayagada.

The Block Development Officer of Rayagada ,Mr. Purna chandra Dash was attended as Chief Guest. ,Chairman of Block Wana Himirika attended as Guest of Honour and Dr. Dukhishyam Dash ,President of LIONS Club and Chairman of CWC Mr. Hrudananda Panda were attended as speaker. Mr. Akhil Ranjan Panda, the General Secretary of Shakti Organisation presided over the meeting. Women Members of Tumbiguda SHGs, Members of Shirdi sai samiti,Om Shanti ,LIONESS Club,Senior Citizens, inmates of Shakti Old Age Home and many dignitaries of Rayagada participated in the function.

The Chief Guest, in his speech said that Senior citizens of the modern world are baffled by the fast changes and the challenges that result in the most advanced technological world. World is changing more consumerist and commercial. Everyone is more worried about the self income. As long as the seniors are productive, they are accepted by their people. But when they turn unproductive or expensive, they are considered as a burden and in most cases are turned out. They are neglected and have to spend their last days in suffering and mourning.

He also spoke the importance of observation of elderly day, different Govt. Schemes and facilities available for the elderly people.

During his speech, Dr Dukhishyam Dash stressed the need to show compassion and care for the elders without any precondition. Doctor Dash further pointed out the need for elders to stay healthy physically and mentally by getting involved with one another socially and avoid being left alone and drown oneself in self isolation.

Mr .Hrudananda Panda also spoke on this occasion that in most of the developing and underdeveloped countries the condition of the elders is very precarious and disheartening. Most of them are thrown out in streets, uncared and unrecognized even by well-to-do children. Many of them take refuge in old age homes. It is a consoling fact that many countries utilize them for volunteer works and for sharing their experience in community development. A regular physical exercise will help the elders stay emotionally happy and physically fit.

Mr. Akhil Ranjan Panda, The General Secretary, Shakti Organisation explained the causes and basic rights of elders in our society. Elderly people are a forgotten lot. We wanted to add some happiness to their live.

Among others, the members of different organization also spoke and shared their experiences with the elderly and prayed for the long life of the inmates on the occasion. All participants have promised to give respect, love, affection and care of the elders in their family and society.

At last our residents cut the 2012 celebration cake and one of our residents above the age of 95 was felicitated with shawls and walking sticks as a mark of respect to them.

The members of LIONESS Club distributed bed lelins and fruits to our residents . At the end Sanghamitra Mohapatra co-orinator of shakti old home gave Vote of Thanks.

September 27, 2012

SHAKTI launched Livelihood Intervention….


SHAKTI recently launched Livelihood Intervention in Ramanaguda Block. It’s a three year project named as Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement and Enterprise Promotion (SLEEP).

The basic goal of the programme is to promote a co-operative of 400 women forest dwellers, who are dependent on NTFP collection. We will support them in organizing, skill building of processing of NTFP and Market linkage.

The main focus is Tamrind processing, Hill Broom binding and leaf plate sewing, which will help the primary NTFP collectors a sustainable income. The project is supported by RGVN-HIVOS India.

July 9, 2012

SHAKTI in Women Welfare Committee…


SHAKTI recently nominated to the “District Women Welfare Committee” of Rayagada Dist. by the District administration. Its Secretary Mr. Akhil Ranjan Panda will represent in the committee. The committee will assist the Administration in need assessment and mapping of executing facilities for women in the district.

June 14, 2012

Visit of DHARITRI Team to OAH……


Mr. Himansu Hota marketing director of state level Odiya news paper DHARITRI visited with their team to our Shakti old age home on 10th of June.  He interacted with our residents and also spoke about the importance of elderly persons in our family and society.

He also narrated a story related to elderly persons which are of significance  of old age people in our society. At last he distributed some food items to our residents.  We are very much thankful to DHARITRI team for their visit.

May 25, 2012


A bore well was fixed at our old age home to give fresh and clean water . Previously they use to get from district water supply  office only for two hours in the morning and same in the evening. In summer the supply was erratic . So it was very difficult to manage the daily needs of the residents .

Now they can avail the drinking water from bore well at any time of their need. Our  residents were happy with the fixation and very grateful to the organiser of Shakti .

March 23, 2012

CHILDLINE RAYAGADA 1098 Connectivity extended to whole Rayagada Dist.


RAYAGADA CHILDLINE toll free phone service 1098 is now connected to the entire Rayagada District. On 22nd March seven Blocks namely Gunupur, Ramanaguda, Gudari, Padmapur, Bisamcuttack, Muniguda and Chandrapur covering three STD zones, 06857, 06863, 06862, are connected to CHILDLINE toll free no. 1098.

After the request of Dist. Collector, Rayagada, the BSNL authorities- GM, BSNL, Koraput provided the connectivity to 1098 no. to three STD zone/SDCA. Now the twenty four hours telephone emergency outreach service 1098 for children in need of care and protection can be accessed by BSNL landline Phone users freely all over the district, covering 11 Blocks, 171 Panchyats & three urban bodies. Since the launching of CHILDLINE service its services were restricted to only four blocks of the Dist.(Rayagada, Kolanara, K.Singpur & Kasipur) and now the whole district is covered under this phone service.

Rayagada CHILDLINE extends its heart full thanks to the efforts of Dist. Collector, Rayagada and GM, BSNL, Koraput.

March 14, 2012

Backyard poultry- a step towards better livelihood

SHAKTI introduced Backyard poultry as a part of its livelihood promotion programme in Kasipur block. Two mother chick units of 1000 birds rearing capacity each is established and seventy backyard poultry units are promoted during March-12. 70 farmwomen are supported with backyard poultry 30 chicks of 28 days old each along with low cost night shelter for poultry. The indigenous improved poultry breed Banaraj is introduced. All farm women are properly trained on management and vaccination aspect of poultry. There is a good demand and response for this intervention and now we are planning to expand the programme. OTELP under SCA to TSP fund supported this programme.

                                                                   DSCI6957DSCI6849DSCN1338DSCN1943DSCN1925 DSCN1935 DSCN1939

March 7, 2012








SHAKTI in collaboration with TERI, New Delhi and OTELP supported 250 household of seven interior villages of Kasipur Block, Rayagada Dist. with solar light system. Dalguma, Karinikhol, Kulermaska, K.Marapas, Jhulukaguda, Kuliapadar, Musatakiri and Barangpas are the villages covered under this ambitious solar powered light project, who are deprived from the grid-supplied electricity, because of its remoteness. The happiness on the faces of villagers is simply outstanding.

                                                                                                                               DSCI6644Interests in the solar lanterns amongst the villagers are extremely high and the benefits are readily apparent. Its impact on the lives of rural people without electricity is tremendous. In both quantitative economic terms as well as qualitative lifestyle conditions, the benefit derived from such a simple device is irrefutable. Users of the lighting systems increase productivity and income, while safety, education, health, and general quality of life are also benefited.

January 16, 2012



Sri Panchanan Pradhan, Program Manager of  Help Age India  visited our Old Age Home on 3rd January.

He interacted with all our beneficiaries and appreciated the effort of management.  This visit gave our beneficiaries the opportunity to share their feelings and homeliness. The old age team was  very happy with this visit.

January 10, 2012


IMG_1601  IMG_1592

Our Old Age Home (OAH) Residents had a picnic on Sunday of 8th January. It was arranged by one of our well wisher of OAH. Students and staff of  VIGNAN Vidyalaya  school  and the staff of OAH were present there.

Students of VIGNAN Vidyalaya  provided some entertainment by singing songs and staging a dance programme . After having lunch children played games with our residents. Lastly students and members shared their feelings about the attachment with the OAH.