March 7, 2012








SHAKTI in collaboration with TERI, New Delhi and OTELP supported 250 household of seven interior villages of Kasipur Block, Rayagada Dist. with solar light system. Dalguma, Karinikhol, Kulermaska, K.Marapas, Jhulukaguda, Kuliapadar, Musatakiri and Barangpas are the villages covered under this ambitious solar powered light project, who are deprived from the grid-supplied electricity, because of its remoteness. The happiness on the faces of villagers is simply outstanding.

                                                                                                                               DSCI6644Interests in the solar lanterns amongst the villagers are extremely high and the benefits are readily apparent. Its impact on the lives of rural people without electricity is tremendous. In both quantitative economic terms as well as qualitative lifestyle conditions, the benefit derived from such a simple device is irrefutable. Users of the lighting systems increase productivity and income, while safety, education, health, and general quality of life are also benefited.

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  1. I am really please to see this project a success. I well remember our first visit there. I recall the enthusiam of all but particularly how the 7th village Barangpas waylaid us our return to impress upon us, in total darkness, their wish to be part of this project.
    Congratulations to all but especially them on their comitttment to this and managing to convince everyone concerned to strech the original planned 6 participating villages to 7.
    Great work! Well done to everyone at Shakti, TERI and the people of the Kasipur block villages.