March 29, 2011


In collaboration with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) and SHAKTI , a three day workshop was held on 23.03.11 to 25.03.11 about HIV/AIDS & DISABILITY. Mr.Akhil Ranjan Panda & Mr. Pravat Satapathy explained about difference between HIV & AIDS , its history, mode of transmission, social stigma about HIV/AIDS & volunerablity of HIV infection . Mr.Sarat Patro and Mr. Niranjan P3242973Behera explained about the technical points about HIV/AIDS, implementing agencies and support unit for testing, benefits from govt. for positive people and Human Rights and AIDS.

Mr. Jagannath Mishra from EKTA Koraput spoke about the types of disability, causes , the schemes available for people with disabilities.

All the staff members of SHAKTI and the invitees of other local NGOs attended the workshop. Everyone went away enthused about mainstreaming their new awareness into their community work.P3253005P3242935