March 14, 2012

Backyard poultry- a step towards better livelihood

SHAKTI introduced Backyard poultry as a part of its livelihood promotion programme in Kasipur block. Two mother chick units of 1000 birds rearing capacity each is established and seventy backyard poultry units are promoted during March-12. 70 farmwomen are supported with backyard poultry 30 chicks of 28 days old each along with low cost night shelter for poultry. The indigenous improved poultry breed Banaraj is introduced. All farm women are properly trained on management and vaccination aspect of poultry. There is a good demand and response for this intervention and now we are planning to expand the programme. OTELP under SCA to TSP fund supported this programme.

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  1. Well done everyone on completing this project. May there be may more in the future.