January 26, 2018

Unfurled the tri-colour flag at Old age home on Republic day

A day which is celebrated with full of pride and patriotism in heart is the celebration of Republic day. It was a white winter morning on 26th January, all the inmates of Shakti Old age Home assembled under the tri colour flag to celebrate this auspicious day. Unfurling our tri colour national flag followed by the echo of national anthem “Jana gana Mana” by all our inmates brought a heartfelt tribute to the freedom fighters and our mother land "INDIA" and we bowed our head with a salute to our national flag. General Secretary of Shakti organization delivered his words on republic day after unfurling the national flag. The day was quite joyful and ended with a smile on the faces of all the inmates of Shakti organization.




  1. Namaskar to everyone at Shakti and the Old Age Home, your friend Sheila

    1. Thanks Sheila Mam for your regular visit to our blog and heartfelt support and co-operation.