June 30, 2017

Beauty and Wellness: Carrier for self entrepreneur….


The socio-economically marginalised youth in Rayagada district face the challenges in terms of lack of employment and also lack of employable skills. Furthermore, life skills such as self-confidence and entrepreneurship are also the primary needs that the youth have in high demand. The marginalised youth living in poverty lack the financial resource to access the required employable skills, thereby further keeping them trapped in poverty.

In this backdrop, Shakti organisation has thought of building some youths as skilled youths who can become self reliant by having some entrepreneurial activity. 9 young girls of Bhakurguda, Nuapada, Kulijing villages of Rayagada block have received training on beautician course for a period of one month with support of SHAKTI organisation. After completion of training programme, they were provided with the required materials like moving chair, cosmetics, mirror,etc. to start a beauty parlour.

Through this training programme they have managed to break the shackles of socio-economic constraints and make successful, self-sufficient lives for themselves. These young girls have become role models in their communities and inspiring others.

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