January 6, 2015

Field Health Workers Training on Inter Personal Communication

32 days long, 4 days each a batch residential Training to ASHA health workers held at Ramanaguda Shakti Rural Development Training center from 27th Nov.-14 to 05th Jan.-15. 85 nos. ASHA from Ramanaguda Block and 157nos. of ASHA from Kolanara Block attended in the training programme. Training was imparted on use of new Inter Personal Communication technology, e.g. Mobile Kunji, Mobile Academy, Facts for Life (FFL) Video Series, Kantha Kahe Kahani and Shaktivarta. This integrated IPC skill building training helped to get additional skills to the front line workers which will be quite helpful to them to pass on key lifesaving messages to community whenever required.

Mobile Kunji is a a combination of a printed deck of laminated cards on a steel ring and a voice-based mobile service. The conversation starter, illustration, some bullet points, and a couplet are on the cards; while Dr Anita’s recorded voice comes through a mobile phone.

Delivering multimedia content through a basic mobile phone, without needing any expensive hardware, Mobile Kunji functions as a job aid for Community Health Workers (CHWs) that starts a conversation aimed at bringing about change in counselling process with community. It helps for standardized delivery of health message in the community.

Mobile Academy is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based learning aid designed to train the Community Health Worker and equips her with both technical information on family health behaviors and tips for effective communication.

“Mausi Kuhanti” is a video series based on the concept of infotainment and is developed by UNICEF. The video series uses Mausi and Radha who are important characters who offers solutions to the community health problems. This 13 theme based 48 series based video programme will be used in the community sensitization on health.

Shakti Varta is a SHG based dialogue & discussion to be taken up in every 15 days where efforts will be taken up to identify key health issues related to water, sanitation & nutrition and community will be motivated to take up specific action to overcome the challenges.

Kantha Kahe Kahani is a multi-channel, multimedia programme which aims to trigger discussion on health, water sanitation & nutrition issues. Discussion, dialogue & action form the core of the communication process in the programme.

As Trainer Miss. Pinki Moharana, Mr. Rama Cahndra Pradhan, Mr. Sarat Sahoo, Mrs. Namita Sahu, Mrs. Sangita Manjari Behera, and Mr. Harihar Halua imparted training. Practical demonstration and individual practice was done on IPC skill. Mr. Shyamlendhu Padhi of Shakti Organisation co-ordinated the programme. NHM,Rayagada supported the programme. 

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