January 16, 2014

SHAKTI facilitated 1250 Acres Paddy Cultivation

Shakti Organisation facilitated Paddy cultivation under BGREI scheme in 1250 Acres of Land in Kasipur Block. This scheme is intended to address the constraints limiting the productivity of “rice based Cropping systems”. Deep ploughing, Line transplantation, weed management and paste management are the main interventions. Paddy seed, Micro Nutrient (Zinc sulphate), Weedicides and need based pesticides are supplied to all farmers. Kumbarsila, Parajasila, Kasipur, Bhagmunda, Ratapada, Nuasahi, Khedapada, Tikarpada, Siriguda, Silagaon, Latapada, Amarsingguda, Khurigaom, Mandibisi, Pipalpadar, Bhitarpada, Kenduguda and Nalachuan villages covered under this programme. 88 SC, 373 ST and 292 general caste farmers got benefited under this scheme. The yield is increased 36 % more than from their traditional practice.

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