May 22, 2010

CMAI chooses Shakti Oragnisation as partner

Shakti is please to announce that it has been chosen to be a partner in the CHIN for Change Programme organised by the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI)

This is a Participatory Communication Initiative for improving access to public healthcare services for rural communities. It aims to build the capacity of community members, community organizations and the public health providers in communicating their needs, entitlements and challenges, so that the public is able to demand and receive their entitlements as promised under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

The project objectives are
(1) To develop a participatory communication strategy (including communication packages) to advocate for health entitlements of rural communities.
(2) To enhance the capacity of the service providers, civil society organizations, media and PRI on communicating and advocating for NRHM commitments.
(3) To promote community awareness on NRHM entitlements.
(4) To form & to promote exchange of forums/round tables among various stakeholders the experiences, innovations, learning and challenges.
(5) To document & disseminate key processes and learnings

Shakti Organisation has been chosen as one of CMAI's partners in Orissa. Shakti's role will be one of community sensitization, advocacy and the facilitation of systems strengthening. After conducting a baseline survey, Shakti will employ an evidence based action approach to develop participatory communications strategies designed to build awareness and increase knowledge within the community of the available public health services so leading to demand creation and increased utilization levels.

CHIN Communication Initiative for Health India Networking
CHANGE Communication Health Advocacy in NRHM Grassroots Empowerment

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